Book to Movie Adaptations

Don’t know about anyone else, but I love when my favourite books are adapted into movies. There’s nothing better than when my two favourite mediums are merged. Now, I’ve read about a few movie adaptations that I’m excited about, which means I have a few more books to add to my 2012 Reading Challenge.

1. Life of Pi
Release Date/Year: December 2012

2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Date/Year: 2012

 I’m especially excited about this one because I loved the book. I think they have a great cast. I saw Logan Lerman (plays the lead character, Charlie) in Percy Jackson and The Three Musketeers, and his performances were good, so I don’t believe I’ll be disappointed. Also stars Emma Watson (Hermoine from Harry Potter) and I haven’t seen her in anything apart from HP, so it would be good to see how she gets on.

3. The Great Gatsby
Date/Year: 2012

4. City of Bones (Mortal Instruments)
Date/Year: 2012

This is quite a good line up. I’m looking forward to them all 🙂

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